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I am a self taught jewellery designer/maker with a passion for handmade silver jewellery creations.  
I create each design individually using traditional silver smithing tools and techniques.

arc jewellery

creative jewellery by are jewellery, modern, minimalist design

About Angela

Hello, my name is Angela, I'm the owner, designer and maker behind ARC Jewellery.

At ARC jewellery I enjoy the design and creative process of making silver jewellery by hand using traditional jewellery tools and techniques.


Like so many other people I suffer with very sensitive skin and it's partly due to this that I got involved in making silver jewellery.  I've never been able to wear High Street fashion jewellery because the nickel content and other mixed metals would irritate my skin.  Being a keen artist and crafter I decided to have a go at making my own jewellery from materials that I knew would not react with my skin.


My early attempts at jewellery making (as a young teenager) were not much more than wooden beads threaded onto cord. Later I discovered beading but decided that I really wanted to learn some silversmithing techniques so that I could design and make my own silver findings, component parts and complete pieces, from design to the finished article.  Later I discovered Argentium® silver, which was a complete game changer.  It's hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties make it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.  It's also highly resistant to tarnish and polishes to a beautiful bright finish. 

I very quickly realised that jewellery making was the creative path for me. I wanted to design and make silver jewellery on a more professional basis, so in 2012 ARC Jewellery was established.​​


I am predominantly a self-taught designer/maker, doing short courses along the way to pick up new skills and techniques. I am very passionate about the jewellery I make and the creative process it goes through to produce the final piece and I hope that this is reflected in my work. 

About ARC Jewellery 

The handmade process...

Each piece of ARC Jewellery is individually hand crafted by me using mostly Argentium® silver 940 (recycled and hypoallergenic) but also some sterling silver 925.  Sometimes I use semi-precious stones, beads or enamel to add colour and embellishment to the design.

I start with an idea and draw it up to create an image to work from.  I then modify and rework this as necessary until I am happy with the final design.  From there I work out the materials needed and the processes it will go through to create the final piece.

Each piece of jewellery starts out as sheet silver and/or silver wire.  During the making process it can be cut, formed, fabricated, hammered, soldered, pierced, punched, drilled, rolled, forged, filed, sanded, pickled, cleaned and polished, depending on the design. In every piece of jewellery that I create there are a lot of processes required to assemble the piece and create the desired effects and finishes.  These are carried out mostly by hand (with the exception of a couple of small power tools) using eco and environmentally conscious practices where ever possible.


So many different things inspire me in my work that my styles and designs are constantly evolving.

I enjoy working with a variety of tools and techniques to continually challenge my creative curiosity and stimulate fresh ideas and designs.  I like to create contemporary handmade silver jewellery that is stylish and understated for everyday wear, or elegant and eye catching for that special occasion.  


Hopefully there is something in my collection to suit all tastes and styles but I'm also happy to discuss bespoke work and commissions.

ARC jewellery is all hand crafted so by its very nature each piece will be unique.  Many of the pieces that I make are a ‘one off’, others are made in small batches and limited quantities.

Items that exceed 7.78 grams in silver are hallmarked at the London Assay office with the full London hallmark and my maker’s mark (ARC).

Each item of ARC Jewellery is gift wrapped and presented in a stylish jewellery box or pouch, making it ideal to give as a gift.​

ARC Jewellery is based in England in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside and the name ARC simply comes from my initials, Angela R Connah.


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