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I'm often asked how to go about measuring a finger, toe, knuckle etc.. for a ring.
Here is a quick and easy guide.  This is ideal for our adjustable rings 

However, having your ring measured by a jewellery professional will give you a more accurate measurement.

There are a few things that you will need:

  •  Thin non-stretchy cord or thread, dental floss is ideal as long as it's nice and thin and does not stretch.  

  •  A pen (felt tip pens usually work best)

  •  A ruler or tape measure.

  • This can be quite tricky to do so you may also need someone to help.

  • Wrap a piece of the dental floss (thread) around your finger (or toe) at the point where you want the ring to sit.

  • Make sure that it overlaps, as shown in the photographs.

  • Put a pen mark on both pieces of thread.  This marks the circumference of your finger (toe)

  • Measure again at the widest point (usually the knuckle) as the ring will need to fit comfortably over this point, so you will need to make allowances for this.

  • Measure the thread (in mm) between the two marks against the ruler.

  • Using millimetres will give you a more accurate measurement.

  • Now use that measurement to find out your ring size from the chart below, sizing up or down slightly as needed.

  • Don't measure cold fingers as this is when they are at their smallest.

Practice this technique a few times and take several measurements until you are happy that you are measuring correctly.

Please note that this is only a guide to your ring size, having your finger measured by a jewellery professional will give you a more accurate measurement.